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Frequently Asked

  • What is Trichology?
    Trichology is the scientific study of the function and structure of the human hair and scalp. It is a branch of dermatology specialising in ensuring the ongoing health of your hair and scalp through a profound understanding of the differences between each hair type and the specific concerns each one experiences. Many view it as the link between cosmetology and dermatology, where cosmetology involves beautifying while dermatology is the branch of medicine concerning the skin. Trichology aims to understand the reason behind why someone may be experiencing hair loss in order to treat it.
  • How can a Trichologist help me?
    A Trichologist will gather information, blood work, hair samples and use a microscope to evaluate the entire picture. The goal of the Trichologist is to understand why someone is experiencing hair loss and utilize various methods to either restore or slow down the progression of the loss.
  • Is my information kept private?
    At Younger Hair Solutions, we take privacy very seriously. All client records are kept in a secure file off site.
  • Can something be done if I can't grow my hair back?
    Yes, we also provide non-surgical hair replacement, luxury extensions, micro pointe solutions and medical wigs that may be covered by your insurance.
  • What is a cranial prosthesis?
    It is a customized hair unit that may be covered by your insurance depending on the cause of your hair loss.
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