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About Us


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn more about my expertise and how I can help you.


23+ years in the beauty industry as a Hairstylist, Cosmetology Instructor and Public Speaker, I have seen an incredible number of people dealing with hair loss.  What I have discovered is, the majority of the people don't even know why.  This is where I come in as a Certified Trichologist.  I myself have struggled with hair loss due to hormonal and thyroid imbalance so I understand the loss of self confidence and self esteem.   This is why I am so passionate about supporting those who are dealing with the same struggle.  At Younger Hair Solutions, everyone who is facing hair loss and thinning are guaranteed a customized approach to their hair loss challenge. 

Lori Y. Russell, WTS

Trichologist & Certified Hair Loss Expert

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